Capital Fundraising Campaign

The Lord has rewarded me according to my righteousness, according to the cleanness of my hands in sight. To the faithful you show yourself faithful, to the blameless you show yourself blameless.

Psalm 18:24-25

Our mission is to REACH the lost, REVIVE those who have fallen away, and prepare them all to REFORM the mountain of culture to which they have been called.

One of the great differences that set Jews apart from other cultural groups is that we see our wealth as a means to partner with God, as a way to bring God’s kingdom this earth, a concept that we call tikkun olam – perfecting the world. We perfect the world by using our God-given wealth to further God’s realm on this planet. So what you see is that the Jewish people’s pursuit of wealth is often paired with the pursuit of charitable works, not only for selfish purposes.”

Celso Cukierkom, author of Secrets of Jewish Wealth Revealed!



NDAC’s facility needs a facelift, specifically, the main sanctuary needs to be renovated; and we need better street signage, lobby area branding and office area construction. The sanctuary and stage improvements will enhance the worship experience and visual aids, and allow NDAC to host theatre productions, broadcasts and concerts. Because of the increasing numbers of leaders and ministries, we need more workspaces for counselling sessions and meetings.


The ‘Count On Me Campaign’ will make a difference in peoples’ lives around the world. Jesus calls for us to spread the gospel to ends of the earth. Your giving to this campaign will launch much needed assistance to the ColegioShaddai Schooland its students in Gautemala. The ColegioShaddai School is in need of structural repairs and the students need clothing, food, tuition, and educational materials.


Giving towards the Count On Me Campaign will allow us to reinstate the funds that were cut from the senior pastor’s compensation package. In addition, we will be able toprovide stipends for the executive pastor, executive pastor, finance pastor and other positions.


In the wake of the church’s transition in 2015, NDAC has continued to grow. However our giving has not grown in corresponding fashion. Oftimes we find ourselves managing our finances from one week to the next. This is simply not a healthy way for a church like ours to operate. Our church is comprised of mainly new Christians, which poses a challenge, but not an insurmountable one. Together we can build the financial health of our church and expand its impact.