How to write a resume of a dental assistant

Dental Assistant

The job of the dental assistant is to assist the dentist in working with the patient. The main task is to prepare and file instruments, prepare medications, administer anesthesia, and help the patient overcome fear.

Dental assistant resume sample

When writing dental assistant resume sample you need to show both your professionalism and your humanity. Following the chronology, first indicate the level of your education, for such a profession, at a minimum, you need to have a specialized secondary education in nursing. Next, your work experience, because it is good if you have already dealt with this specific activity, and know all the nuances of work. You can list the duties you perform to detail your knowledge and skills. Don't forget to emphasize your personal qualities: responsiveness, attentiveness, responsibility, focus, good memory.

The job of the dental assistant is hard to underestimate; he is the right hand of the attending physician. His or her responsibilities include: ensuring the examination and treatment of teeth with all the necessary materials and tools, as well as organizing the reception of patients in the dental office.

An assistant is a nursing assistant who reports to the head nurse. A specialized secondary education is required for this position.

There are also areas of dentistry such as:

  • Orthopedic dentist - specializes in prosthetics and the restoration of damaged teeth. Patients can restore missing teeth or replace them with implants, which are even better than real teeth.
  • Orthodontist, Dentist - A dentist responsible for preventing and correcting anomalies of the dentoalveolar apparatus. He performs correction of congenital or acquired defects at an early age. There is a list of the most common dental conditions that require treatment: malocclusion, tooth malformation, difficulty breathing, malpositioning of teeth, problems with mastication and speech function.
  • The job of the general dentist is to treat teeth, usually cavities, pulpitis and periodontitis. It is the dentist who first sees the patient, examines the mouth, diagnoses, treats the teeth and sends for x-rays, and prepares the mouth for dentures if necessary.
  • A dental surgeon performs surgical treatment of abnormal conditions and any possible oral organs.
  • A pediatric dentist's job is limited to treating children and performing virtually all of the same functions as a general dentist, except sometimes they have to extract teeth.