Small Groups

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Arts & Culture

Our Heavenly Father gifted us with diverse cultures and talents (see Exodus 31). If you are a man or woman who loves attending arts and culture events, this is the group for you. Group activities are planned around arts and culture activities and events taking place in our region, for example, fairs, plays, poetry and spoken word events and dance performances. Whether you are an artist or an appreciator of arts and cultural experiences, you can enjoy times of fellowship with others while exploring the rich array of arts and the diversity of cultures in our region.

Coils and Curls

Coils and Curls seeks to help women defy worldly standards of beauty and to embrace our Christ-given identities, and in doing so, define true beauty. Coils and Curls celebrates the unique textures and versatility of women of colors’ hair as well as offers a community of fellowship, beauty secrets and fun! We invite women with all hair textures, who are interested in embarking on a healthy hair journey, to join us! Whether your hair is in its natural state, transitioning, thinking about transitioning, relaxed or texlaxed, we know that you will be truly blessed by this fellowship experience.

Fantasy Sports

The purpose of the Fantasy Sports group is to cultivate fellowship opportunities through the play of fantasy sports and to support NDAC’s outreach efforts by reaching out to persons who have sports interests in our community. This small group is for men and women 18 years of age and older, who are sports fanatics and want to compete in Christian-based Fantasy Leagues.


If you have a desire to make your home more of a haven by learning some interior design techniques, this is the group for you. Whether you want to re-purpose what you already have or start over with a new design plan, you can learn strategies for doing so while enjoying the fellowship of others who share your interests. Group meetings are a mix of space planning education, design workshops and occasional shopping or inspiration trips. You will learn ways to apply your own style to spaces while learning more about the psychology (balancing function and desired feelings) behind common design practices.

Keto & Kicks

Helping people lose weight and achieve optimum health by adopting a ketogenic lifestyle. Through this group, you will be receiving continued recipes, meal plans, exercise ideas and encouragement as you whip your body into its best self. 



Living Single

Living Single helps singles who are single by choice or circumstance to develop into mature Christ followers. Singles at NDAC are not “living as just one.” We are a family who loves, supports, and challenges one another. Whether you are divorced, widowed, single, have never married or a single parent, we invite you to join us in building relationships with others Christians, having fun, and in seeking to understand more about God’s plan for your life.

Marriage Matters

Marriage Matters is a small group dedicated to strengthening and encouraging families through fellowship and discussions concerning all matters of marriage. We plan to host group outings, read together, pray together and share our common experiences with one another to further the work of the kingdom.

Single Moms

This group is geared towards empowering single moms to live, grow and thrive spiritually, physically, financially, socially and emotionally. We seek to develop deep long-term relationships among single moms, ensuring that no single mom walks alone. As we work together to purposefully steer our children on a Godly path, we aim to positively impact future generations.

Travel Together

This co-ed group is for those who love going on group excursions, whether it is a day trip, a weekend stay or a longer overseas adventure. Group leaders will plan several trips during the year and group participants will be invited to join in the excursions. These trips will offer participants a good time traveling as well as times of fellowship.

Women of Wisdom (WOW)

WOW is geared towards women ages 50 and over, who have a desire to serve the kingdom with their knowledge and experience. These are women of wisdom who are mature in their personal walk with God and committed to up-building future generations.

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Small group leaders have accepted the call to inspire their church community to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and serve in their God-given ministry. We invite you to consider being a small group leader. If you and others are interested in forming a new small group, we would like to hear about your idea. If you have any unanswered questions about Small Groups at NDAC, we would like to know about them. Click the “Join A Group” button and let us answer all your questions and help you take the next step.