River Kids serves children ages 2 to 12 years of age. This group seeks to develop our children to live and operate in the River of God, the supernatural presence of the Father that affects every part of our lives and destiny. River Kids utilizes volunteers to teach children to be grounded in the gospel, securely anchored in God’s love and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

The foundation of River Kids Ministry is the River of Love (ages 0-18 months old) from which all life begins. From that foundation of love, children are then released to be free in the river. The River of Freedom (ages 18 months -3 years old) teaches our children that in Heaven we are free to create, express, learn and grow.

The River of Faith (Ages 3-4 years old) will develop the faith muscle needed to live in the atmosphere of Heaven although you are on Earth. Our children will learn that it is with Faith that they will please the Father and cause them to act upon that faith to see the miraculous.

The presence of faith will lead our young ones to Flow in the River (Ages 5-6 years old). They will begin declaring God’s word over their lives, soaking in the river and learning how to flow in the ways of the Kingdom so as they begin school, they are ready to bring this Kingdom mindset and behavior to whatever environment they are in.

Once our children reach elementary age (Ages 6-12) they have become a River Kid. One who stands in the foundation of God’s love, experiences the freedom this love provides, exercises their faith in God’s promises and walks in the flow of the supernatural. They are a River Kid.